New Microsoft Edge is rolling out to Windows 10 May 2020 Update

Microsoft Edge browser

On January 15, Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser was
officially launched. In January, the company also announced
that it will roll out the new browser to Windows 10 users
automatically via a standalone Windows Update.

For Windows 10 version 1909 (November 2019 Update), the new
Edge browser is already available via Insider channels. Now,
the gradual rollout for new Microsoft Edge is underway on
Windows 10 May 2020 Update, the next feature update, which is
scheduled to launch on May 28.

Microsoft is currently rolling out Windows 10 KB4559309 to
install the new Edge browser on May 2020 Update (version 2004)

This appears to be the first phase of the gradual rollout and
the browser is rolling out to a small group of users. The
rollout will continue to expand to everyone with Windows 10 May
2020 Update in the Release Preview Ring.

Windows 10 KB4559309

To install the standalone package, a reboot is required. After
the system reboot, Windows 10 automatically launches the new
Edge browser.

New Microsoft Edge

It’s also worth noting that the new Microsoft Edge cannot be
removed if you install it via the Windows Update.

After the launch of May 2020 Update, new Edge browser should
become available for more consumers. Microsoft says Windows
10’s Enterprise and education users won’t get the browser

If you don’t want to wait for it to roll out automatically,
Microsoft says you can always download and install the browser
manually. Remember, if you install the new Edge browser
manually, it will still replace the old Edge.

Microsoft’s new Edge browser is based on Chromium and it comes
with all features of the Chrome browser. There are a few new
features in Chromium Edge compared to the previous version and
the new browser also has better performance, according
to UL Benchmarks, the company behind the PCMark
benchmarking tool.

According to the benchmark, Edge browser is 10% faster than the
legacy Edge. In the benchmark, new Edge received a total score
of 9,631, while the legacy Edge is lagging behind with 8,435

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