New LG Wear OS smartwatch spotted at the FCC

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We haven’t seen a ton of new Wear OS smartwatches lately, but it looks like LG is getting one ready to launch.

A new Wear OS smartwatch from LG has been spotted in the FCC. The model number of this device is LM-W315, and the FCC E-Label shows that it’s running Wear OS.

There aren’t many spec details for this device spilled in the filing. The docs do reaffirm that this is a watch, calling it a “portable wrist device”, and they also confirm that the watch has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Google has been rolling out new features for Wear OS in recent weeks, so it’s good to see that a new Wear OS smartwatch is coming to give fans of the platform some new hardware as well. It’s unclear when this new LG smartwatch might launch, but now that it’s passed the FCC, it’s one step closer to hitting store shelves and consumers’ wrists.

LG LM-W315 new Wear OS smartwatch FCC

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