New leaked app hints at Dell’s two-screen Windows 10 device

Surface Phone concept

is reportedly working on a two-screen mobile device based
on Microsoft’s approach, and it will be powered by
Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor and Windows 10 on ARM.
Redmond-based Microsoft itself is believed to be working
on a new foldable device, often referred to as Surface Phone.

Today, Microsoft enthusiast Walking Cat has discovered an
unreleased demo program that simulates Dell’s two-screen mobile
device on PCs. Dell’s rumoured mobile device with dual screen
is codenamed Januss and it would run on Microsoft’s Windows 10

Dell Januss would run on Windows 10 ARM and it will be powered
by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor optimized for this
form factor. A report from
WinFuture claims that the Dell’s Januss will come with USB
Type-C ports, cameras, LTE support, an accelerometer, and
a gyroscope.

Dell seems to be interested in Microsoft’s vision for a
foldable mobile device with Windows 10. Interestingly, Dell
Januss is more like a smartphone since the device will
feature accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. In other
words, it appears to be more of a mobile device boasting a
multi-form factor approach, and it’s still a thing according to
latest reports.

Dell Januss details

If you install the app, and navigate to
C:Dell-Januss-Democonfigsettings.txt and modify the
“dev1_pcname” and “dev2_pcname” values, the above information
is displayed.

The rumoured Snapdragon 850 processor

A report from WinFuture
also revealed that Qualcomm is working on Snapdragon 850
processor for Windows 10 on ARM devices, and the CPU could
reach almost 3 GHz in turbo mode. It’s specifically
optimized for Windows 10 ARM-powered devices including
Andromeda, Januss and Always Connected PCs.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor will deliver better
performance on Windows 10 ARM devices. It appears that
chipmaker would also optimize the way the heat is handled.

Dell Januss design, release date and features information isn’t
available right now but if everything goes as per the plan, the
launch of the rumoured device with dual-screen could take place
sometime in the fall.

Microsoft’s foldable Andromeda

The software giant is still working on foldable Andromeda and
it might be slated for a late 2018 release. The
latest Windows 10 SDK has also confirmed that the device is
currently being developed and the device itself is
likely to run on ARM.

It’s likely that both Dell Januss and Microsoft Andromeda might
still be on the table, could take place as soon as this year.

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