New leak suggests Windows 10 is set for major UI improvements

Start Menu second concept

Windows 10’s Start Menu and Action Center could be refreshed
with UI tweaks if a new code reference spotted in the preview
builds has anything to go by.

On August 21, Microsoft published Windows 10 Build 20197 to the
testers in the Dev Channel of the Windows Insider program. This
preview build comes with a new
Disk Manager and bug fixes, but it also includes reference
to ‘WinUI’ for Windows 10’s Start Menu and Action Center.

According to the scan of Microsoft Program Database (PDB) files
in Windows 10 Build 20197, Microsoft is currently testing these
two features internally:

  • WinUIOnDesktop
  • WinUIDesktopActionCenter
  • WinUIDesktopStartMenu

WinUI is Microsoft’s next-generation user interface platform
for Windows, Windows 10, Windows 10X, and foldable devices like
the Surface Duo. Microsoft has already confirmed that WinUI can
be used to refresh Win32 apps and create new Win32 or UWP apps
using the new UI principles.

The Start Menu, Action Center and other modern elements are
written in XAML and they use UI components from

In theory, these references suggest that Microsoft might allow
Start Menu and Action Center to use UI components from “WinUI”
as opposed to the current ‘Windows.UI.XAML’

It appears that the broad aim is to make the common controls
available across the Windows platform and to achieve more
overall consistency across the operating system as a whole,
from the Start Menu and Action Center UI to the various apps
already used with WinUI.

Windows 10 rounded corners

If this happens, the future Windows 10 may have rounded
windows, buttons, more Fluent Design goodness, and several new
UI components.

Microsoft has already teased Start Menu and taskbar with
rounded corners and also a Fluent Design shadow behind them.

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