New iPad models registered by Apple in EEC database

iPad Pro 10.5

Apple has some new iPad tablets in the works.

Apple has registered two new iPads in the Eurasian Economic Commission database. As spotted by MySmartPrice, the new iPads are model numbers A2200 and A2232. Both iPads are listed as running iPadOS, but there’s not much more info about them other than that.

The EEC database recently outed a few other upcoming iPads with the model numbers A2068, A2198, A2230, A2197, and A2228. Like the iPads spotted today, these five models that were previously unearthed are also running iPadOS.

While we don’t know exactly what all of these upcoming iPads are, we can make some educated guesses. Apple already introduced new iPad mini and iPad Air models this year, so new versions of those tablets are unlikely. Rumors have suggested that Apple is working on a new 10.2-inch version of the base model iPad, so that’s one possibility. New versions of the Apple’s iPad Pro models are likely coming soon, too.

Are you interested in a new iPad? If so, are you looking for a base iPad, an iPad Air, or an iPad Pro?

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