New Google News app launches on iOS


Google announced a refreshed version of Google News at I/O last week, and now that app is available on iOS.

Google News can now be downloaded from the App Store. (Android users, your version is here.) The new Google news uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to better understand the people, places, and things in a story and how they’re related. This is to help you make sense of what’s going on and what the reaction to a story has been.

One of the major parts of this new-look Google News is the “For You” section. It includes five stories that the app has organized for you based on your interests. It’ll be a mix of important headlines, local news, and the latest developments in topics you care about, and it’ll be updated throughout the day.

Google News app iOS

The “Full Coverage” part of Google News gives you a complete picture of a story. It’ll show you a variety of sources, including videos, local news, FAQs, and social commentary, as well as a timeline of key events.

A Newsstand tab will let you follow single sources that you trust and discover new sources. You can subscribe to sources using your Google account and pay for subscription services, too. Newsstand will be home to more than 1,000 mobile-optimized magazines as well.

Apple News has existed on iOS for a while now, but if you’re not totally content with it, this new Google News app could be worth downloading. It’s got an attractive, clean design and the AI and machine learning features could help you learn more about current events.

Are you going to give the new Google News a try?

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