New Google Chromecast appears in FCC with Bluetooth and stronger Wi-Fi connectivity

Google Chromecast Ultra hands-on video

Google appears to be cooking up a new Chromecast, and while it may not look different on the outside, it’s expected to have some internal improvements.

An FCC listing has been discovered that appears to be a new Chromecast model. The model number for the device is NC2-6A5, and the FCC ID image included with the filing looks similar to the current Chromecast Ultra.

New Google Chromecast FCC

So what’s notable about this new model? In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the new Chromecast should have a stronger 5GHz Wi-Fi connection. “This device has been changed to include a 0.5mm trim on the 5GHz PCB antenna trace that increases the 5GHz maximum antenna gain from 2.1 dBi to 4 dBi”, an FCC document explains.

There aren’t any other details about this new Chromecast available, but it’s expected that Google will hold an event in early October to announce new Pixel phones, so it’s entirely possible that we’ll see this new Chromecast there as well. Stay tuned.

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