New Gal Gunvolt DLC Lets Gamers Play Inti Creates Heroines!

New Gal Gunvolt DLC Lets Gamers Play Inti Creates Heroines!

April 23, 2018Written by John Abrena

The new DLC for Gal Gunvolt Burst for the PS4 features some of Inti Creates’ characters from its popular games.

Here is an overview of the new DLC, via Gematsu:

Gal Gunvolt Burst (PS4)

The “DLC Character Set: Heroines” is available now for $4.99. It includes the following three additional playable characters:

Call from Mighty No. 9 – As Call, utilize your Barrier to protect yourself from harm, and find Patch robots throughout the stages to add to your team, greatly raising your offensive capabilities!

Joule from Azure Striker Gunvolt – As Joule, you turn your repertoire of songs into different bullet types that can be used in many types of situations! Activate the Anthem ability to to ignore CP limits for a short time, allowing Joule to equip any abilities she wants!

Tenzou from Gal Gun – As Tenzou, use the Blaster Goggles to fire powerful beams of light known as the Pheromone Shot! Angels Patako and Ekoro help you traverse this virtual world with their Doki Doki Mode and Angelic Guidance abilities.

If you aren’t familiar with the game, here’s an overview of Gal Gunvolt Burst, via it’s official website:

Game Overview

Intense 2D side-scrolling action reminiscent of the golden age of action games in the 1990s is combined with modern gaming elements! Players will have zones of collectable power-ups to acquire and a character customization system of unprecedented depth to experiment with! This perfect blend of classic and modern features will feel right at home for fans of action games from the past and the present.

Choose your character from Mighty No. 9’s Beck, Azure Striker Gunvolt’s Gunvolt and Gal*Gun Double Peace’s Ekoro, and experience an original story that brings these characters together in a virtual parallel world.

Gameplay Systems

Burst Combo

  • Finish off an enemy up close to trigger a “Burst!” Enemies explode in a more glorious way, and you earn extra points toward your high score!
  • Chain together a bunch of Bursts to start a Burst Combo and take your score to new heights! Bosses can also be defeated with a Burst, so try to end the battle with a bang!

Customization Loadout

  • Collect a bunch of different modules to add new items to your customization loadout
  • If you wanna increase your abilities, you’re gonna need Cost Points. As long as your loadout value doesn’t exceed your available CP, you can create any setup and change it any time.

Character Growth

  • By clearing stages and collecting certain drops from enemies, you can increase your maximum Cost Points. Increase your CP, power up your character, and try to tackle those tougher stages once again!
  • Cost Points aren’t just used for customizing your shot though. They can be used to increase your character’s attack power and defense or enable diagonal fire or charge shots. Try them and discover the best combination for your play style!

Gal Gunvolt Burst is available on the PS4 now.

[Source: Gematsu, Official Website]

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