New Firefox 62.0.2 version now available for download on Windows

Firefox for Windows

Mozilla today released a new update for Firefox that advances
the browser to version 62.0.2The latest version is a bug fixing
update for
Firefox 62, which was released to all Windows users earlier
in the month.

The update focuses more on fixing the minor issues and
enhancing the performance of the browser. The new release
brings a fix for the bug that caused bookmarks which weren’t
visited to show up as an autofill suggestion.

Mozilla has also concentrated on bringing improvements to the
language packs which were missing during startup.

“Fixed a fallback option in Firefox when language packs are
missing on startup (Avast/AVG deleted language packs which in
combination with the bug caused Firefox to show a yellow
window,” Mozilla explains.

There are also some improvements or refinements made to stop
crashes from occurring when profiles are shared. The
company has fixed crashes when users try to restore window size
and position when the app is restarted on Windows.

After updating to the latest Firefox 62.0.2 version, users will
notice an improvement to the overall browsing experience due to
the minor refinements in the latest release.

Mozilla introduced many new features in the earlier version,
Firefox 62, for its browser. The company brought enhancements
to the user’s privacy by introducing new Clear Site Data and
Cookie button beside the address bar.

You could also clear all your personal data after disconnecting
from Firefox Sync. A new Tracking Protection feature was
introduced with Firefox 62 which prevented the website from
tracking users over the web and you could access the feature
from the hamburger menu.

The latest release of Firefox 62.0.2 is now available to
download for users on all platforms.

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