New data proves Microsoft is the best thing to happen to Chrome

Microsoft and Chromium

With the new Edge browser, Microsoft has taken “if you can’t
beat ‘em, join ‘em” approach and it seems to be working well in
the company’s favour if the
latest market share reports are taken into consideration.

Instead of developing the browser with a new source code,
Microsoft decided to build a new browser using Chromium, an
open-source project developed by Google with contributions from
industry partners, such as Intel and Nvidia.

Chromium has its own share of issues including poor memory and
battery management, but Microsoft has been working on new
features to make things better for everyone.

A new data has revealed that 161 engineers from the Microsoft
Edge team made over 1,835 commits to the Chromium open source
project since November of last year.

Microsoft has worked on a wide range of areas including
battery, memory, performance, privacy, layout, media playback,
HTML form controls, and more. Microsoft’s Chromium
contributions have already brought a number of benefits to its
own Edge, Google Chrome, and other browsers.

Microsoft Chromium contribution

Microsoft’s Chromium contribution:

  • Accessibility.
  • Battery-life improvements.
  • HTML form controls
  • Media playback.
  • Canvas rendering performance.
  • Windows font rendering.
  • Layout.
  • Editing and virtual keyboard.
  • WebXR.
  • HTML, JSON, and CSS modules.
  • Privacy (StorageAccess API).
  • Enterprise, release quality and security improvements.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft also made improvements to
Windows 10 that helped the Chromium platform as well. For
example, Microsoft shipped Windows 10 May 2020 Update with

SegmentHeap feature to reduce memory usage of all browsers.

Microsoft is still actively contributing to a steady stream of
new features to Chromium. In fact, a code commit published
earlier today revealed that the tech giant plans to improve the

security of the browsers with a new approach for elevated

The changes have not just been benefitting Microsoft Edge, but
Chrome as well.

Microsoft has even fixed issues specific to Google Chrome. For
example, Microsoft made a change to Chromium that will help

Google Chrome correct the way its notifications work with
Windows 10 Action Center.

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