New concept imagines how Microsoft could create Android phone

Surface Solo concept

Surface Duo has finally
started shipping in the United States and early reviews of
the dual-screen device praise it for the hardware. There are
reports of underlying software issues on the Surface Duo,
including app crashes, but it’s likely that the performance
problems will be fixed with future firmware updates.

Surface Duo is a device with a very unique dual-screen form
factor, and it comes with Google’s Android. The device is fully
bootloader unlockable, it allows you to get custom ROMs up and
running, and hackers might even port Microsoft’s desktop
operating system in future.

It features flagship hardware from 2019, including 6GB of RAM,
Snapdragon 855 chipset, 256GB of storage, and one 11-megapixel
camera that fails to impress in low light conditions.

While Surface Duo specs sheet may look a bit dated, Microsoft
says its new device may change the way you use your smartphone.

Surface Duo screens

Surface Duo is not a typical phone and we don’t know if
Microsoft is working on a traditional Android phone, but
concept designer Jonas Daehnert is back with a fantastic
concept that imagines how Microsoft could create an Android
smartphone with Surface Duo’s sleek design.

Surface Solo camera

With Microsoft’s apps for Android becoming increasingly
popular, it’s fair to say that Microsoft could make a great
Android ‘Surface Phone’. Over the past few years, Microsoft has
created apps like the Chromium Edge, Microsoft Launcher, and
Your Phone to offer first-class experiences on all Android
smartphones around the world.

Windows Phone is a thing of the past and while a Surface phone
running Android would never sell like a hotcake, Microsoft
could utilize its own hardware to showcase the best of
Microsoft’s Android efforts in typical mobile hardware.

Surface Solo side

It certainly makes sense to think that Microsoft should have a
typical smartphone and that’s where Jonas
Daehnert‘s concept comes in to thrill our imagination.

The concept shows Surface Solo with a single screen while it
keeps the essence of Surface Duo’s sleek, compact, and slim

Surface Solo camera concept

What do you think of the idea of Surface Solo (a typical
Android phone)? Let us know in the comments section below.

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