New concept imagines gaming on Andromeda foldable Windows 10 device


It’s been over two years since we’ve first started hearing
about Microsoft’s mysterious foldable device codenamed
Andromeda. We’ve seen a gargantuan amount of patents filed by
Microsoft that gave us a sneak peek into this device.

We’ve also seen many software references in Microsoft’s own
insiders builds. In fact, we recently
reported about the previous insider build with a massive
API changelog that had multiple APIs and event handlers with
terms such as “hinge-states” which align perfectly with this
type of device.

Over the span of years, many designers have also imagined
Andromeda in their amazing concepts. While they all have tried
demonstrating productivity and basic functionality in such a
device, this concept is rather unique.

A Microsoft enthusiast and designer, David Breyer on Twitter
tweeted out a render of how gaming would work on such a
dual-screen foldable device.

As you can see, David imagines one of the two displays of the
device being used as a usual display for gaming and the second
display being used as an Xbox controller. David has been behind
many such popular images across the Microsoft community and
some of them show us how the second display can be used as a
keyboard just like this Xbox controller.

Replacing an actual physical Xbox controller with a virtual
software controller might not make any sense to many of our
viewers. However, we’ve seen a similar evolution before.
Remember when software keyboard was introduced on an iPhone
back in 2007? The idea was rejected by many at the time. But
today, the same tech has become the most essential thing of
today’s mobile devices. So, who knows?

Speaking of Andromeda itself, this device is reportedly
launching this fall. We’ve also
reported about a leaked Microsoft’s internal email that
claims the existence of Andromeda. This ambitious project by
the Surface team has gained a lot of hype already and such
concepts are adding a whole lot to it.

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