New BlackBerry KEY2 teaser shows off dual rear cameras and physical keyboard

BlackBerry KEY2 teaser dual rear cameras

Ahead of the official BlackBerry KEY2 reveal on June 7th, BlackBerry has dropped a teaser for the device that shows off some of its features.

In the new KEY2 teaser, we can see a dual rear camera setup, which would be an upgrade from the single rear camera found on the KEYone. The video also gives us a peek at the KEY2’s physical keyboard and highlights a mysterious nine-dot button in the bottom row of the keyboard.

Some leaked images of the BlackBerry KEY2 that showed up last month also included a dual rear camera setup, so that feature looks like a lock for the upcoming device. It also showed that nine-dot button next to the SYM key, but so far there’s been no info on what that button does.

If the aforementioned leaked images are to be believed, the BlackBerry KEY2 will have a design similar to its predecessor, but with a refreshed keyboard that ditches the key frets found on the KEYone alon with keys that appear to be matte. The KEY2 is also said to have a USB-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack.

The BlackBerry KEY2 will make its official debut in two weeks. Little is known about its pricing or launch timing, but considering that smartphones with physical keyboards are still a rare sight, the KEY2 should be an exciting device for people that still value having a hardware QWERTY beneath their thumbs.

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