New app to let you run Windows 10 on your iPhone

Windows 10 on iPhone

Wish you could do more with your iPhone than just run Apple’s
app store apps? A group of independent developers is working to
sort you out. UTM is a new app that uses QEMU (virtualization
software) to run the full version of Windows 10 from
Microsoft’s operating system image.

iOS devices lack hardware virtualization support and UTM app
connects with the SPICE server in QEMU, which allows
para-virtualization. With UTM, you can run Windows 10 and even
Linux on your iPhone or iPad at a usable speed.

UTM app needs to be sideloaded and it does not require a
jailbreak to use, but it’s possible that Apple might break
compatibility with a future update on non-jailbroken devices.

Some people have already managed to run the desktop of Windows
10 on their iPhone after struggling with the slow installation
process. The project is still in early stages and a lot still
needs to be done, but it’s pretty much usable with a few
loading screens.

It’s also worth noting that TCG accelerator, which is used to
run the OS within the app, can only run at about 70% of
the speed, but the performance is better in low graphics

Unfortunately, it’s practically not possible to run Windows 10
or Windows 10 (ARM) on Apple products natively.

“[Dev] wasn’t joking when he said that Windows can run on
everything, sadly this is just an emulation and it’s probably
impossible to run Windows on ARM natively on an A9 processor,”
a dev said.

If you’re interested in the project, you can download the app and

Windows 10 ISO images.

In related news, independent developers recently managed to

install and successfully run Windows 10X on an Apple

Devs used Windows 10X Emulator system image that Microsoft
recently released and Microsoft’s dual-screen optimized Windows
10X apparently runs surprisingly well on the Apple laptop.

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