New 2019 emoji bringing 230 characters, including otter, wheelchair, and waffle


There’s some big news today for fans of emoji.

The Unicode Consortium has officially approved the final emoji list for 2019, revealing which new characters will be released this year. There are 59 new emoji, and with the 171 variants for gender and skin tone, that means that a total of 230 new emoji are coming with Emoji 12.0.

There’s more representation for people with disabilities in the 2019 emoji list, including men and women with probing canes, people in motorized and manual wheelchairs, and both a mechanical arm and leg. White and brown hearts are being added, too, as well as new animals like a skunk and an otter. New food items include a butter stick and a waffle, and a banjo, one-piece swimsuit, and pair of briefs have all made the cut.

2019 new emoji otter, waffle, briefs, wheelchair

Now that the final emoji list has been approved, it’s up to companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung to create the emoji characters for their platforms and then release them to consumers. That means it’ll be a little longer before you’re sending waffles, briefs, and flamingos to your friends, but at least now you know that they’re coming.

Which of the new 2019 emoji do you like best?

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