Neko Tomo announced for Switch, 3DS


Kuma Tomo

Following a tease from Bandai Namco this morning, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals Neko Tomo for Switch and 3DS. A followup to Kuma Tomo, which was released in Europe as Teddy Together, Neko Tomo will launch in 2018 in Japan.

In Neko Tomo, or “Cat Friend,” a talking cat shows up at your house, and as you live together, it learns words and talks with you. It is described as a relaxing communication game about becoming family with cats. By teaching it words, it will use those words to talk with you. Kuma Tomo will also appear. The game also has a Taiko Drum Master collaboration.

The first animal that appears, Neko, has dreams of becoming a YouTuber. The second animal, Tomomo, gives you little nuggets of wisdom about living.

An official announcement presentation for Neko Tomo will be live streamed on YouTube and Twitter on June 28 at 12:00 JST.

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