Nearby Sharing leaks as new name for Google’s AirDrop-style Android sharing feature

Remember Fast Share? We first got wind of Google’s version of AirDrop way back in June 2019, and now a bit more info on the upcoming feature has leaked.

Google has renamed Fast Share to “Nearby Sharing”. The change was spotted by XDA-Developers, who note that the feature also got a new icon at the end of last year.

Another piece of new info we have about Nearby Sharing is that the two devices that you’re sharing between must be within 1 foot of each other. “Make sure both devices are unlocked, close together (within 1 ft), and have Bluetooth and location turned on,” says Google when you try to use Nearby Sharing.

Nearby Sharing Android file sharing leak

Unfortunately, it’s unclear exactly when Nearby Sharing will launch. Because of the recent name change and the new icon, though, XDA thinks that Google could be getting ready to release Nearby Sharing soon.

The name “Nearby Sharing” makes it a bit more clear about what exactly the feature does compared to “Fast Share”, and so because of that, this name change seems like a good one. Now we just have to wait for Google to actually launch the feature. Considering that Android Beam was killed off with Android 10, hopefully Nearby Sharing comes to replace it soon.

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