MyTube for Windows 10 updated with new features and fixes

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Ryken developers, the team behind the development of third
party YouTube app for Windows 10, MyTube has pushed out another
new update for its application on all Windows 10 devices.

The previous update for the MyTube application has
added Fluent Design, offline videos and more for Windows
10 devices. Keeping with the trend the latest update comes with
some new features and fixes for the application on Windows 10.

The update brings a full Dark/White theme for the MyTube
application. The developers have also added 0.75x playback rate
to the application for users who like slow motion.

There are also lots of fixes which have been pushed out in the
latest update. Videos submitted by the Room owner are now
accepted automatically. Issue where the player controls
constantly reappeared while the pointer was over them has
also been fixed in the latest update.

Video lists no longer get refreshed every 45 minutes during the
app’s routine account access-token refreshes. Crashes when
trying to save a video without an internet connection has also
been fixed.

Fixes for PC & Mobile:

  • Fixed issue where using full screen comments resulted in a
    black layer over the video.
  • Added ‘Copy link’ and ‘Pin’ context menu item to playlist
    and channel thumbnails.

The developers have added a new setting for what gets added to
Timeline. Crashing issues when background audio finished while
on video page has been fixed for the PC users.

Xbox users are also receiving fixes for the issues where the
private playlist didn’t work in the background and Video
details are now aligned to top of the frame instead of the
earlier center.

The latest update for the MyTube application is currently live
in the Microsoft Store with version 3.3.7.

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