Mystery Motorola phone with a stylus leaks

Motorola stylus leak

There aren’t a ton of phones on the market that come with a stylus, with Samsung and LG each offering a couple models and that’s about it. According to a new leak, though, Motorola could soon sell a stylus-equipped phone, too.

A leaked image shows a Motorola device along with a stylus. “I don’t think we’ve seen a stylus-equipped Motorola since the Windows Mobile era,” said Evan Blass, the source of the leaked image.

There aren’t any other images of the mystery phone right now, but judging by the non-writing end of the stylus, it looks like it slots into the body of the device.

We can see a hole-punch in the upper left corner of the display and what are likely volume and power buttons on the side.

As mentioned before, there aren’t a ton of smartphones with styluses on the market. Samsung has its Galaxy Note flagships and LG sells the more affordable Stylo phones, and so a new Motorola device with a stylus could be a welcome addition to the market.

There’s very little info about this device’s identity, specs, and release info, but Mobile World Congress is kicking off at the end of February, so perhaps we’ll learn more about it there.

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