Mystery Google dongle revealed as ADT-2 Android TV device

Google ADT-2 Android TV developer device

Remember that mysterious Google-branded Android TV dongle that we saw in the FCC last month? Its identity has finally been revealed.

Google has a new Android TV dongle named the ADT-2. It’s a device made only for developers, meaning that it won’t be sold to the public, and is a sequel to the ADT-1 device that Google offered to developers four years ago.

The ADT-2 is powered by an AMLogic 905X chipset, which Android Police notes is the same used in Amazon’s Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD dongle. It’s also got 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, and it supports 4K60 and HDR.

Google is giving the ADT-2 out to developers attending Google I/O this week, so if you’re in attendance, be sure that you get one. As for why Google isn’t planning to offer the ADT-2 to consumers, it’s apparently because the Android TV team isn’t in charge of creating hardware for consumers; the Google hardware team is.

The news that this Google-made Android TV dongle won’t be offered to consumers is a bummer, especially considering the Nexus Player launched nearly four years ago and was pulled from the Google Store two years ago. For now it looks like anyone that wants a new Android TV box will have to turn to another OEM.

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