MS Paint is now getting new design features on Windows 11

MS Paint for Windows 11

Windows 11 begin rolling out to consumers almost five months
ago and it is important to understand that the operating system
is still under development. While there are ways to install
Windows 11 today, the new operating system or most of the new
apps are not available to everyone just yet.

So far, Microsoft has released the new
Snipping Tool,
Windows Media Player and even MS Paint for Windows 11. MS
Paint, which has been a part of the OS for decades, was
recently updated with a new design and header that supports
Mica on Windows 11, similar to other native apps like Clock or
Mail & Calendar.

There was a time when Microsoft wanted to discontinue the
classic Paint app and replace it with Paint 3D, as part of its
plan to build and visualize 3D content for desktop and as well
as users of Windows Mixed Reality. Of course, Paint was never
discontinued and it’s actually getting better in future

As you’re probably aware, the Paint app now features a new
Microsoft Word-like header or title bar that has buttons for
basic functionalities, such as Undo and Redo.

Paint text editor

You can customize the title bar and add more options. The
header or new command bar also includes links to File, Home,
and View options. If you click on the first option “File”, you
will be able to create new pictures, modify the existing
pictures or even print your work using connected printers.

Microsoft is now taking the modern Paint experience to the next
level by integrating WinUI components with today’s update for
Windows 11. This new update, which is now live in the Dev
Channel, enables a new modern look for “Edit Color”, “Resize
and Skew”, and other dialogs.

Paint for Windows 11

As you can see in the images above and below, Paint’s new look
matches the modern experience of Windows 11.

MS Paint dialogs

It’s worth pointing out that Microsoft is using WinUI elements
within the Paint app, which is based on the Win32 framework.
Additionally, Microsoft has made other changes to the Paint

  • Microsoft fixed an issue where text boxes would move
    unexpectedly when you’re writing on the images using IME>
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where these modern dialogs were
    not respecting the regional language in countries like the
  • Microsoft has enabled a new feature that lets you
    shift-click on a colour swatch to use that colour as your
    secondary colour.
  • Microsoft has improved support for screen readers.

The new MS Paint will begin rolling out to all users outside
the Windows Insider program in early 2022.

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