Mozilla’s Firefox 62 now available for public beta testing for Windows users

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Mozilla after releasing its earlier version of Firefox 61 to
general public, has started development work on its next
version Firefox 62 for the web browser. The company has now
made available the latest Firefox 62 version for public beta
testing with new features.

The latest version of Firefox brings enhancement to the privacy
of users with the company introducing new options Clear Site
Data and Cookie button in the pop up beside the address bar.

This helps users to easily delete local browsing data for
already visited websites along with being able to delete
history, cookies and more. Mozilla is also introducing the
ability to wipe or clear all of the personal and browsing data
from the device which is disconnected from Firefox Sync.

The data which can be deleted includes passwords, history,
cookies, bookmarks and more. This option helps users in
safeguarding their data especially if they are accessing
personal sites like banking sites from other PCs.

The company is also introducing a new Tracking Protection
feature in Firefox 62 which can be enabled and disabled without
any issues. The idea of the Tracking Protection feature is to
prevent websites from being able to track you over the web.

The new Tracking Protection feature can be accessed via a
button which is being added in the hamburger menu. Mozilla also
introduces option to display preview images in the New Bookmark
dialog along with introducing the ability to adjust various New
Tab page sections like Highlights.

Mozilla is also bringing some features for the web developers
by changing rules of the three pane Inspector in the Developer
Tools. The latest Firefox 62 Web browser is expected to be
released on September 5, 2018 for the general public.

If you are a Firefox Beta tester then you will be able to get
your hands on the new Firefox 62 version by downloading it on
your Windows PC. The update is also available for Firefox users
on Linux and macOS as well.

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