Mozilla Firefox 67 released with performance improvements

Firefox for Windows

Mozilla is rolling Firefox 67 for Windows and other platforms
with major performance improvements for better browsing

The company has made some changes to the “setTimeout” function
during the loading of web pages by lowering the priority of the
function. Firefox has also delayed the component initialization
until Firefox’s startup and it’ll also suspend any unused tabs.

Firefox 67 also introduces a built-in crypto miner blocker
which is designed to block fingerprints. The option is
available in the Custom Settings page of the Content Blocking
preferences. You would need to manually enable this feature and
restart the web browser to reduce heavy usage of RAM and CPU.

Firefox has also improved the Private Browsing mode with the
latest release which now allows users to save passwords for

The keyboard accessibility has also been improved to have full
access to the toolbar and toolbar overflow menu including the
downloads panel. Support for pinning tabs from the Page Actions
menu in the address bar along with the ability to highlight
various features like Pin Tabs have also been added in the
Firefox 67 release.

Users will now be easily able to access the list of their saved
website credentials directly from the main menu, quickly import
web data from web browsers from the File menu.

Mozilla is also allowing users to now run the different
versions (Beta, nightly and stable) of Firefox side by side at
the same time. Support for the dav1dAV1 higher performance
decoder for better video streaming has also been added along
with protection against running older versions of Firefox which
might lead to data corruption.

Support for registrations for Google Accounts using the FIDO
U2F API along with support for the new Reiwa era in Japan has
been added as well. Emoji 11.0 support and support for ARM64
Windows devices in Mozilla’s JavaScript compiler has also been
added in Firefox 67 version.

For Android users, Firefox 67 brings a new Search Widget
featuring voice input which can be added from the Android
Widget section to the home screen. Mozilla has removed the
Guest session feature to streamline the user experience and has
asked users to use the Private Browsing feature instead.

Firefox 67 is now rolling out to Windows along with Mac users
via an OTA (Over-the-Air) update. The update is currently not
available for Linux users and they would need to wait until
Firefox 67 is available for the stable version of the web

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