Motorola Razr hinge breaks after 27,000 folds in durability test

Shortly after the Galaxy Fold’s launch last year, it was put into a folding machine to see just how many times it could be folded before breaking. Now that the Motorola Razr is launching, it’s been put to the same test.

The Motorola Razr was put into the exact same folding machine that the Galaxy Fold once occupied, though CNET notes that it had to be repurposed a bit since the Razr folds a different way than the Galaxy Fold. Once the Razr was nestled into the robots grips, the folding began.

Motorola’s Razr ended up lasting for around four hours and a little more than 27,000 folds before things started going wrong. At that point, the Razr’s hinge had become stiff and the machine had trouble folding the phone completely.  A CNET editor was able to fold the Razr by hand, but it was more difficult to fold completely and was creakier. The phone itself did still work, though.

To compare, the Samsung Galaxy Fold survived around 120,000 folds in the same test using the same folding robot.

Obviously this folding robot test isn’t the same as you just using the Motorola Razr foldable in your everyday life. Still, it’s an interesting test to conduct, especially as foldable phones are still so new and pricey.

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