Motorola One leak reveals another upcoming Moto phone with a notch

Motorola One leak

The Motorola One Power has been making headlines in recent weeks as multiple leaks have revealed Moto’s upcoming phone with a notch. According to a new report, though, that’s not the only notched phone that Motorola has in the works.

Images of a device called the Motorola One have surfaced. This is a separate device from the Motorola One Power, says AndroidHeadlines, though the designs of the two phones are extremely similar. There’s a tall display with a notch and a chin on the front, a rear Motorola logo that may double as a fingerprint reader, and an Android One logo.

The one noticeable design difference between the two phones involves the rear cameras. While the Motorola One has a vertically stacked dual rear camera setup like the Motorola One Power, the non-Power Motorola One doesn’t have the same pill-shaped camera housing as the Motorola One Power.

Spec details for the Motorola One are unknown, but today’s report does suggest that the phone will be sold in both black and white variants.

With leaks showing off Motorola One and Motorola One Power devices that both have Android One logos on them, it’s starting to look like “Motorola One” could be the branding for an entire line of Android One-powered phones from Motorola. And with Motorola teasing a “big announcement” for August 2nd, we may be just a month away from officially meeting these devices for the first time. Stay tuned. 

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