Motorola event on November 13th may star foldable RAZR phone

Motorola foldable RAZR event invitation

We’ve been hearing about Motorola’s rumored RAZR foldable since the start of 2019, and now it looks like we’re finally going to meet it right before the end of 2019.

Motorola has sent out invitations to an event on November 13th that hint at a foldable RAZR phone. The GIF shared by CNET shows the side of an old RAZR flip phone falling apart to reveal a mysterious device with a different hinge.

The invitation also teases “An original unlike any other” and says that the event will include the “highly-anticipated unveiling of a reinvented icon”. Motorola also promises that “You’re going to flip.”

Considering all of the teasers on this invitation, it definitely seems like Motorola is planning to announce its foldable RAZR at this event. Patent filings have suggested that the phone will have a flip phone-style design like the original RAZR, but when you open it up, you’ll be greeting by a large foldable display. Those patent filings seem to line up with the mysterious device in this invitation. Plus, a recent report said that Motorola was aiming to announce its foldable RAZR phone before the end of the year.

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