Motorola Edge and Edge+ smartphones get official


Motorola Edge and Edge+

Motorola Edge and Edge+

We have been hearing rumors about the new Motorola Edge and Edge+ smartphones for some time and the handsets are now official..

The Edge and Edge+ are Motorola’s new flagship smartphones and they come with a range of high end specifications.

motorola edge+ was built for speed, power, and the ultimate 5G performance. We started with the most advanced mobile platform on the market. Qualcomm’s SnapdragonTM 865 Mobile Platform provides the fastest performance1, 25% faster than previous generations, and nearly instant responsiveness for browsing, watching videos, or playing games. 12 GB of Micron DDR5 memory keeps your device running smoothly with 30% increased max bandwidth and lower battery drain, so you can take full advantage of the experiences enabled by 5G.2 An innovative 5G antenna array connects you with both mmWave and sub-6GHz frequencies for global 5G compatibility and future speeds over 4 Gbps.3 And connect to Wi-Fi 6, the new blazing-fast standard for Wi-Fi, for even outstanding internet speeds while using less power.4

You can find out more information about the new Motorola Edge and Edge+ smartphones over at Motorola at the link below.

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