Motorola Edge 20, Edge 20 Lite and Edge 20 Pro smartphones unveiled

Motorola Edge 20

Motorola has launched its latest smartphones, the Motorola Edge 20, the Edge 20 Lite and the Edge 20 Pro all with slightly different specifications.

The handsets comes with a 6.7 inch OLED display, they have different processors, the top model has a Snapdragon 870 and 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

Motorola Edge 20

The social generation is reinventing how people share their experiences visually, proving more than ever that images and videos can empower and connect us in meaningful ways. Across the edge family, we focused on improving camera quality since we know people are turning to smartphone cameras more than ever before. Motorola edge 20 pro delivers a new 108MP main camera for outstanding quality, one of our largest camera sensors ever at 1/1.5” optical format. It features what we’re calling Ultra Pixel technology. Every nine pixels is combined into one large ultra pixel, which improves light sensitivity by 9X and results in better low light performance. We’re also offering an ultrawide-angle lens with built-in Macro Vision, which allows you to capture 4X more of the scene into your frame so you can see more of your surroundings and fit everyone in the shot. Macro Vision lets you get 5X closer to your subject for extreme close-ups, as close as 3cm away, for capturing photos of food, arts and crafts, nature, and more.

The handsets will go on sale in August and the Motorola Edge 20 lite will cost €349.99, the Edge 20 will retail for €499 and the Edge 20 Pro for €699.99. You can find out more details about the new handsets at the link below.

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