Moto AI leaks as upcoming Motorola smart speaker

Motorola Moto AI smart speaker leak

Lots of companies are getting into the smart speaker game, including Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung, and now it looks like another big name is prepping its own smart speaker.

A new speaker called the Moto AI is purportedly in the works. According to a report from AndroidPure, Motorola is working on the device in partnership with Baidu, a Chinese search company. The leaked documents show that the Moto AI has a feature set similar to other smart speakers in that it can answer questions about the news and weather, set timers, play music, and more. It’s also expected that the Moto AI will be able to work with smart devices from other companies.

Another notable feature of the Moto AI is its kids mode. It’s said that the speaker can offer up content for children like stories and music.

Motorola Moto AI smart speaker image leak

Rounding out the details of this device are its raw specs, which are said to include an ARM 53 Cortex CPU along with support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It reportedly has a diameter of 90mm (3.54 inches) and a weight of 280 grams (0.62 pounds).

There’s no info yet on when the Moto AI might be released or how much it might cost, but the look of the leaked marketing materials suggest that it could launch soon. However, if Motorola is indeed working with Baidu on the device, it may not see much availability outside of China. The Moto AI does look like it could be a nice little smart speaker, especially if it’s priced aggessively, so it might be nice to see it available widely with Google Assistant. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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