Moss Has a Perfect Rating on the PlayStation Store, Sits at the Top of the PSVR Charts

Moss Has a Perfect Rating on the PlayStation Store, Sits at the Top of the PSVR Charts

April 19, 2018Written by Chandler Wood

Moss playstation store rating

Moss, Polyarc’s beloved PSVR title that changed the way we interact with characters, currently has a perfect five-star rating on the PlayStation Store. What’s more impressive is that other popular VR games that one might expect to boast the same rating actually don’t. Games like Skyrim VR, Batman Arkham VR, and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood host impressive four to four-and-a-half star ratings, but none can crack that impeccable perfection that Moss has achieved with 568 total ratings as of this writing.

As RoadtoVR points out, that doesn’t mean that all 568 ratings were five-star ratings. The PlayStation store appears to round to the nearest half star, but with such a high number of ratings (even other popular VR games don’t have that many), it’s an impressive feat that outliers haven’t pulled the rating down to four and a half. Searching the PS Store by ratings is difficult to do, but in our spot-check of obviously highest rated games, five stars puts Moss in a pantheon of incredible PlayStation exclusive titles like Shadow of the Colossus, Persona 5, and God of War.

The revelation that Moss is PSVR’s only perfectly rated game comes after Polyarc’s title managed to break into the top ten PSVR downloads in February with only two days to chart. In March, Moss used the entire month to easily sit in the top position on the PSVR charts. It seems like Quill is really connecting with players with both the Moss PlayStation Store ratings and chart position.

We recently had interviews with Composer Jason Graves about the music of Moss and Audio Director Stephen Hodde about creating the soundscape for the world. In an upcoming interview, we talk to Animation Director Rick Lico about bringing Quill to life in a way that communicated intelligence and intent.

Have you picked up Moss for your PSVR headset yet? If you don’t have one, could Moss be the game to convince you that you need one?

[Source: RoadtoVR]

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