More reports of Windows 10 update deleting personal files

Install Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Last week,
Microsoft pulled Windows 10 KB4524244 update after it was
discovered that a small number of users suffered a catastrophic
failure including boot issues. While that particular security
patch has been removed, there’s another problematic update with
even more issues.

On February 11, Microsoft released cumulative update
‘KB4532693’ with important security fixes, but the patch
reportedly hides and deletes contents of the desktop.

A bug in the update boots Windows 10 with an incorrect and
temporary user profile, and users respective data for some
folders disappear. As
Microsoft support team confirmed, the data can be restored
by manually transferring the contents from the temporary
profile to a new profile.

However, there’s an even bigger problem for some customers.
According to reports, Windows 10 KB4532693 update is said to be
‘deleting’ files and users are unable to find their data in the
temporary profile folder. In worst cases, users have lost all
their personal data and they are unable to recover it even
after uninstalling the patch.

“This update KB4532693 caused all the data on my laptop to be
erased. Even after uninstalling the update, the laptop would
not successfully boot. Then “Resetting” the laptop to factory
settings while choosing to keep all personal data erased
everything. EVERYTHING. This is a major screw up.
Unbelievable,” a frustrated user wrote.

“I have no words, this just happened to me, I just came to
confirm it, it’s all over the web, but it’s not just a few
files, for me it was dozens of gigabytes of data, this is
definitely the end of the line, I am no longer using Windows
crap OS, this is just too much!! I even had the update
disabled, got no warning, it started automatically even with my
firewall blocking dozens of Microsoft IPs, I can’t and no
longer want to use such bad lame horrible system that keeps
worst and worst every year no matter the facelift it gets,”
another angry user confirmed the potential data deletion bug.

Bug reports

If your PC installed the patch automatically and you didn’t
notice any issues, then there’s no need to uninstall
KB4532693. You can remove it if you’re experience
problems, and it won’t affect the previous cumulative updates
that you have installed.

Microsoft’s method of updating and testing Windows has been
criticized since it fired much of its QA team. Windows updates
are currently tested by Microsoft coders on the real and
virtual machines, and consumers enrolled in the Windows Insider

The problem here is that many Windows Insiders don’t report
actual bugs to Microsoft and most people don’t test the
previews builds on their daily drivers. Many tests the preview
builds in VMs or on secondary systems, which cannot be
considered as a real production environment.

While Microsoft is working on fundamental changes to make
Windows updates safer, the company is delivering its updates
much faster and automatically, which has caused more trouble
for consumers and businesses.

Disclaimer: The article is completely based on user
reports. Windows Latest makes no claims, guarantees about the
accuracy or completeness in this article or linked pages, and
shall not be held responsible for anything we say in this

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