More Pixel 4 promotional images leak out

Pixel 4 colors black, orange, white

It’s been around a week since we last got a solid Pixel 4 leak, which is like an eternity considering how often Google’s upcoming flagship has been leaking recently. That drought is ending today, though.

Several new Pixel 4 images have leaked out, showing off the three color options that Google has cooked up as well as some the phone in the hands of people. Shared by Evan Blass, the image above shows the Just Black, Oh So Orange, and Clearly White colors which will come with white, pink, and orange power buttons.

Pixel 4 lifestyle images

Also leaked are several “Lifestyle” photos that show the Pixel 4 in peoples’ hands. A couple of them give us a look at the front of the device, complete with top and bottom bezels and a display with rounded corners.

Pixel 4 images leak

Finally, a promotional image that you can see at the bottom of this post gives us a close look at the rear camera setup of the Pixel 4. The side view helps to give us an idea of how much that rear camera housing will protrude from the back of the phone, and we get another shot of the Pixel 4’s face and its display.

Google is hosting a hardware event on October 15, and it’s expected that the announcements will include a Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL that each have a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB of RAM, and a dual rear camera setup with a 12MP main cam and a 16MP telephoto snapper. The Pixel 4 is expected to have a 5.7-inch display and 2800mAh battery while the Pixel 4 XL gets a 6.3-inch screen and 3700mAh battery, and both phones will have a 90Hz refresh rate for their screens, too.

Pixel 4 promotional image

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