More evidence of Windows 10’s new rounded look emerges

Windows 10 design concept
Microsoft’s vision for Project Neon

Microsoft has been reorganizing the teams that work on Windows
and Azure. As part of the reorg, Microsoft is bringing more
Windows 10 development teams under Panos Panay, the head of the
successful Surface lineup. According to sources, these internal
changes could improve Windows OS in a big way.

While Windows 10 is more popular than ever, it’s no secret that
the operating system is due for design improvements.

We know that
Microsoft is looking to redesign the iconic Start menu in
Windows 10 with the version 20H2, and now the company has
also started working on a new rounded corners look for the OS.

Over the past few weeks, Microsoft has pushed out updates to
Windows 10 Photos app, Windows Calendar, Windows Maps, Movies &
TV, Sticky Notes, and even Calculator with new rounded corners

Photos app rounded corner

You’ll notice the subtle change in the look of these apps when
you open the context menu (which you can access by
right-clicking on a surface).

The old look of these inbox apps features sharp corners.
These new changes are in contrast to macOS Big Sur, which also
uses rounded corners in its design language, but Microsoft’s
implementation would be more subtle, thanks to the Fluent

Films app rounded corner

This design update has arrived one year after
Microsoft promised rounded corners for default control styles
in XAML apps. As I noted in my last report, the broad aim
here is to make the common controls consistent and available
across all Windows 10 apps.

Calculator rounded corner

Microsoft is also believed to be working on
design improvements for the desktop-based Start Menu and Action
Center. The new preview release of Windows 10 includes
references to ‘WinUI’ for Start Menu and Action Center.

What’s WinUI? In simple terms, WinUI is Microsoft’s latest
interface platform, which will be used in Windows 10X and
Surface Neo. It’s also available for the developers and the
platform makes it easy for developers to build modern and
seamless UIs that feels natural on all form factors.

WinUI also uses Fluent Design and it includes transparency,
rounded corners, and more to give Windows a bit more visual

Of course, this new rounded look for the interface is still
very much at the development and testing stage, so we don’t
know if and when it will actually be realized in Windows 10 for
the core areas, such as the Start Menu.

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