Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion 2020 roadmap announced

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne 2020 Roadmap

Capcom has announced the 2020 roadmap for both the console and PC versions of the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion. The roadmap also comes with the announcement that updates across console and PC will sync starting with the release of the version 13.5 update in April.

Here are the details, via Capcom:

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne 2020 Roadmap

January 2020

  • January 24 to February 13 – Astera / Seliana Fest, Grand Appreciation Fest
  • New layered armor

February 2020

  • Special event quests featuring:
    • High encounter rate for gold crown monsters
    • Increased decoration rewards drop rate
    • Great Spiritvein Gem rewards (March)
    • Higher Master Rank point gains

March 2020

  • Major Title Update 3 (Version 13.0)
    • New Variant monster #1
    • New Variant monster #2

April 2020

  • Title Update (Version 13.5)
    • New Arch-Tempered monster and Master Rank versions of existing monsters
    • Astera / Seliana Fest

May 2020

  • Major Title Update 4 (Version 14.0)
    • Return of fan-favorite monster

June 2020 and Later

  • New monsters and updates planned for June onward

February 6, 2020

  • Major Title Update 1 (Ver. 11.50.00)
    • New monster: Rajang
    • Raccoon City Collaboration
    • Room updates
    • Guiding Lands “Volcanic Region” added

March 12, 2020

  • Major Title Update 2 (Ver. 12.03.00)
    • New monster: Safi’jiiva
    • New monster: Stygian Zinogre
    • Guiding Lands “Tundra Region” added

April 2020

  • Major Title Update 3 (Ver. 13.00.00)
    • New Variant Monster #1
    • New Variant Monster #2
  • Title Update (Ver. 13.50.00)
    • Available same day as console version. (Note: Future releases will be the same time as console version.)
    • New Arch-Tempered and Master Rank versions of existing monsters.

Here is the full press release:

Capcom today released a roadmap for upcoming free Monster Hunter World: Iceborne post-launch content updates for PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox One X, and Steam (PC). In addition, Capcom has also confirmed that the timing for subsequent major Iceborne content updates on PC and console will sync starting in April 2020. In the meantime, both console and PC hunters will be able to celebrate the second anniversary of Monster Hunter: World with in-game events for players across World and Iceborne.

Following the recent PC release of the acclaimed Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, title updates for PC will begin in February. The free content will include challenging monsters for players to conquer, expanded gameplay features, limited time events and more. The centerpiece of the first PC title update on February 6 is the fearsome Rajang, the ruthless fan-favorite monster that offers a challenge for even the most seasoned hunters. A new Volcanic Region will be added to the end-game Guiding Lands, and becomes accessible once players have started the special assignment quest to battle Rajang. Popular survival horror icons Leon, Claire and Tyrant also pay a visit to Iceborne for the limited time Raccoon City collaboration, where hunters can acquire materials to craft Leon α+ and Claire α+ full armor sets plus three Raccoon City themed pendants to spruce up their favorite weapons. The first title update also brings the ability to visit other players’ rooms, and limited time quests that provide materials to forge the Hunter Weapon and Palico armor + weapon from the Iceborne Design Contest winners. Paid DLC options for room décor have also been added for those that wish to spruce up their place even more for guests.

On March 12, the second PC title update will star Stygian Zinogre, a more vicious subspecies of the electrifying fan-favorite Zinogre, that harnesses dragon elemental damage instead of lightning this time around. A new Tundra Region will expand the Guiding Lands further with a snowy landscape that’s home to bone-chilling monsters such as Barioth and Viper Tobi-Kadachi. As an added incentive, special materials exclusive to the Tundra Region can be used to further customize and upgrade weapons. Hardened PC hunters will also be able to attempt the challenging Safi’jiiva Siege to earn an arsenal of new Awakened weapons and craft powerful armor sets.

From February through March, console players receive new limited time event quests that increase the odds of encountering gold crown monsters, decorations, and Great Spiritvein Gems while maximizing their rank. A subsequent major title update brings two additional variant monsters to Iceborne, which will be available for console players in March and in April for PC. Later in April marks the beginning of major content updates for both PC and console being released on the same schedule. New Arch-Tempered and Master Rank versions of existing monsters will be available at the same time for both PC and console players, followed by the return of a fan-favorite monster in May. More synced updates and additional monsters will be available in June and beyond, with details coming at a later date.

From January 23 (PST) through February 13, players can celebrate the game’s second anniversary in either the cosmic Grand Appreciation Fest for Iceborne players, or the returning Appreciation Fest in the Astera Gathering Hub available for all players. Late February also marks the PC arrival of the limited time Holiday Joy Fest, providing a chance to get new layered armor, handler outfit, Poogie clothing and more.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne launched for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide on September 6, 2019, and for PC on January 9, 2020. The Xbox One version is only available in North America and Europe.

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