ModifiableWindowsApps folder shows up in Windows 10

Microsoft Store

A Windows Update, Microsoft Store or a game update has added a
new folder called ModifableWindowsApps to the Program Files.
The folder contains data of certain PC games and it is
associated with PC games modding functionality.

According to UWP
guidelines document, the ‘ModifableWindowsApps’ folder may
contain installation files that would allow users to install
mods for games. Microsoft says the function is intended to be
used by certain types of PC games and developers can specify
one or more subfolders for their games.

“Enables your desktop application to specify one or more
folders where users can modify the installation files for your
application (for example, to install mods),” the document

Games modding

As per a Win32 apps document, Win32 desktop
games that use windows.mutablePackageDirectories extension in
its package manifest will also specify its own subfolder in
Program Files > ModifiableWindowsApps. In this document,
Microsoft has again stated that the feature is available only
for certain types of desktop PC games and the purpose of the
folder is adding support for mods.

A Reddit thread
claims that Microsoft might be preparing the OS for the
inclusion of mod support for Windows Store games with the new
folder, but that may not be the case due to the way Store games
are currently protected.

We’re still in the early days of Microsoft Store supporting
Win32 games and it remains to be seen whether the games
purchased from the Microsoft Store will be easily moddable or

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