Mixed Reality Viewer gets a major update for Insiders

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Mixed Reality Viewer has been an app which has not received
much attention by the Redmond Giant off late. But today to our
surprise the app is getting a major update in the Microsoft

The update is available for Insiders who have enrolled in the
Skip Ahead Ring. The latest update comes with some major new
features for the Mixed Reality Viewer app on Microsoft Store.
The update bumps the app to new version 4.1804.10022.0.

After the update, users will find a new welcome screen
informing users of the new animations. There are also some new
collection of 3D animated models added to the Remix 3D which
can be included in the recordings.

The Mixed Reality Viewer will now have a Cube icon, which was
previously removed but has now been brought back with the
latest update. You will also be able to modify each animated 3D
model from any of the five available animations.

A new section has been added on the bottom right which will
help users to easily change the speed of the animations. You
will also be able to change the angles with the help of mouse
or touch.

The major feature added is the ability to record animated
videos which was not possible earlier. The latest update to the
Mixed Reality Viewer application is a major one and is
currently available for Windows 10 users who have enrolled in
the Skip Ahead Ring.

If you are on the Skip Ahead Ring, then the update is available
for you and can be downloaded by going to the Microsoft Store
link below. Let us know your thoughts on the new features in
the comments below.

Download Mixed Reality Viewer for Windows 10

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