Minecraft Earth launches in the U.S. in early access


Following its announcement back in May, Minecraft Earth is now available in the U.S. in early access.

Minecraft Earth is available to download on both Android and iOS. It’s an augmented reality game that has you building structures in the real world. You can walk around and discover tappables where you can gather building resources, and then you can start building using build plates.

You can also collaborate on buildings with your friends, and when you’re finished with a structure, you can share a link so that other people can check it out.

There are also adventures in Minecraft Earth that you can participate in with your friends. The missions will vary, but you’ll be able to earn blocks during them that are shared with those with you on the adventure.

Minecraft Earth is free to play, but there are in-app purchases available. Players can buy Minecoins to put toward things like skins for customization, and there are also Rubies available that you can use to buy build plots and potions.

Now that it’s arrived in the U.S. in early access, are you going to give Minecraft Earth a try?

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