Millions of PCs still run Windows 7, one year after Microsoft ended support

Windows 7 market share

Windows 7 reached its end of support period in January, but its
market share numbers did not drop significantly over the last
eleven months as users rejected
Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade offer.

Windows 7 was first released in 2009 and Microsoft pulled
mainstream support for the operating system in 2015. On January
14, 2020, Microsoft ended critical security patches and
technical support for Windows 7 and users were asked to upgrade
to Windows 10, but millions haven’t abandoned it yet.

According to the latest figures from NetMarketShare and
StatCounter, Windows 7 is still active on at least 17 percent
of Windows PCs.

StatCounter latest figures suggest that Windows 7 is running on
17.6 percent of devices, which is about 8% lower than the 25.56
percent market share it had in January.

Windows 10 market share

On the other hand, NetMarketShare reports that Windows 7 share
is 21 percent, which is again about 10% lower than the share it
had in January.

Desktop market share

According to the figures from the United States government,
18.9 percent PCs were on Windows 7 and 75.8 percent on Windows

Windows 7’s presence in the desktop market doesn’t mean Windows
10 is struggling, though. In fact, Windows 10 is now running on
more than one billion devices and its market share is gradually

But why is Windows 7 still the world’s second most popular
desktop operating system? Admittedly, some people’s hands are
tied because their hardware is outdated and upgrading to
Windows 10 means buying a new PC.

The other major objection against upgrading from Windows 7 to
Windows 10 is its user interface and overall experience. For
some people, anything different to what they’re used to is bad.
Windows 10 update quality concerns remain, too, though
Microsoft tried to address those.

Windows 10 market share is likely to improve in 2021 when
Microsoft is expected to announce Windows 10X and the Sun
Valley update, which aims to make Windows better.

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