Microsoft’s Your Phone app is now available for Windows 10


While Microsoft’s
Windows 10 April 2018 Update deprecated Phone
Companion as the entire functionality has been moved to
the Settings app, the company is not yet giving up on
Windows and rival platforms integration. It appears that
Microsoft is bringing a new app to Windows 10 which allows
users to continue activities on PC from where they left off on

A Reddit
user Noam_ha has spotted a new app in the Microsoft
Store called ‘Your Phone’ which allows users to send web
content from phones to PCs and more. It can also send videos to
your PC. It is worth noting that the app can be downloaded and
installed, but the feature isn’t working at the moment.

Your Phone app

“Link your phone and PC to send webpages from your phone
instantly to your PC and continue what you’re doing—read,
watch, or browse with all the benefits of a bigger screen,”
Microsoft explains. You can download the app from here.

Last year, Microsoft launched a feature called “Continue on
PC,” which allows Android and iPhone users to browse the web
pages on their phones and continue from where they left off on
a PC powered by Windows 10 operating system. It looks like that
the Your Phone app could make things easier for Windows 10
users when connecting the phone to the PC.

The new “Your Phone” app also indicates that Microsoft is still
very much committed to improving the experience between Windows
and Android and iOS ecosystem.

The integration between Windows and rival mobile platforms is
part of the firm’s strategy to remain relevant in mobile as
Microsoft has already given up on Windows Phone. Most of the
Microsoft apps for Windows are available on rival platforms app
store, and Continue on PC experience bring phones and PCs
closer together. Microsoft is likely to continue efforts in
this regards and the software giant could soon integrate
similar phone features in Windows 10.

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