Microsoft’s ‘Xbox Onesie’ is back — in black with green trim — to comfort gamers for the holidays

A hooded Xbox onesie, now in black with green trim. (Microsoft Photo)

If the holidays around your house involve very little transition from sleepwear to gaming attire, Microsoft has just the item for your wish list, with the return of what’s been popularly called the “Xbox Onesie.”

  • What is it? In a tweet on Wednesday, Microsoft’s Xbox communications guru Larry Hryb said the “Hooded Union Suit” was “back by popular demand.” When the all-purpose jumpsuit arrived back in 2016 the “internet went nuts,” GeekWire reported, and Xbox Onesie was the name that resonated because its black-and-white color scheme coincided with the release of the Xbox One S console. This time it’s black-and-green, and still has pockets deep enough to hold controllers and an arm pouch for easy access to your smartphone.
  • Who needs one? People who don’t leave the couch. Or the house.
  • Where and when can we get one? Hryb said the new onesie will be available starting Thursday on the Xbox Gear Store, where you can get all sorts of merchandise branded for the game console.

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