Microsoft’s Windows Core OS gets another mention online

WCOS concept
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To recap, Microsoft is rumoured to be working on Windows Core
OS, a modular operating system built on Windows that will power
a new category of devices, including foldable PCs and perhaps
devices that haven’t yet been discussed.

A report from
Forbes recently revealed that Microsoft’s upcoming
foldable Surface PC codenamed Centaurus will run Windows
Core OS (WCOS) and support Android apps.

Today, another LinkedIn
profile of a Microsoft software engineer discovered by us
has yet again confirmed details of Windows Core OS. According
to the listing, the engineer has worked with the Operating
System Group on UWP apps that are part of Windows and Windows
Core OS (WCOS).

It’s also worth mentioning that Windows Core OS has always been
rumoured to have deep ties with UWP apps and web experiences.
According to the profile, the engineer has also implemented
File Picker and File Explorer experience for Windows Core OS

More recently, a profile of a software engineer revealed that

Microsoft is working on a Windows Core OS variation of Action
Center to maintain the notification pipeline on the new

It’s likely that the company is working on a visual overhaul of
Action Center with Windows Core OS.

Windows Core OS will serve as the modular base for the new
experience in Windows, and Action Center could get a facelift
as part of this transition. As mentioned, WCOS will power a new
category of PCs, including Microsoft’s dual-screen device and
it could be unveiled by the first half of 2020.


Andromeda mobile device
Image Courtesy: Harry

In related news, a profile of a former
Microsoft software engineer also confirmed that the Redmond
firm was working on ‘Project Andromeda’ in 2017.

A report in 2018 had revealed that
Andromeda is going back to the drawing board because there’s no
compelling reason for Microsoft to launch a pocketable device.
Instead, Microsoft is working on Windows Core OS or Windows
Lite OS for foldable devices and affordable

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