Microsoft’s Windows 98 was released 20 years ago today

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Windows 98 is undoubtedly one of the most popular Windows
versions to date and, Windows 98 no longer receives
updates and fixes from Microsoft. The software giant released
Windows 98 operating system on June 25, 1998, exactly
20 years ago from today.

Windows 95 arrived in August 1995 and introduced the Start
button and taskbar, and it also introduced a new concept of
“plug and play”. Windows 98 was a successor to Windows 95, and
it brought Outlook Express, Internet Explorer 11, Windows
Address Book, Microsoft Chat, NetShow Player and other

Windows 98 Second Edition was released in 1999, and NetShow
Player was replaced by Windows Media Player 6.2.

Just like Windows 95, Microsoft’s Windows 98 was also a major
upgrade, and it introduced the back and forward navigation
buttons and the address bar in Windows Explorer. With Windows
98, Microsoft also improved the USB support, and it’s one of
the reasons that led to widespread adoption of USB hubs
and USB mice.

Back in the old days, the report said that the sales of Windows
98 upgrades have been stronger than expected and while the
update didn’t change things in a fashion like Windows 95 did,
the response from the customers was very positive.

It’s worth noting that the Windows 98 launch was low-key
compared with the Windows 95 debut. Windows 98 was an important
update for 95 as it improved the operating system, offered
enhanced Internet capabilities, and more.

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