Microsoft’s Windows 10 racing game Miami Street is now available

Miami Street for Windows 10

Microsoft Studios has recently released a new racing game
for devices powered by the company’s latest Windows 10
operating system. The report suggests that the Miami
Street is for the mythical foldable Andromeda mobile device
but it also works on PCs and Tablets. Electric Square and
Microsoft Studios have developed this new racing game and it
features a quick-time events layout.

The report suggests that Miami Street was originally
called Forza Kart. It will run on PCs and foldable devices
powered by Microsoft’s Windows 10. Interestingly, it’s one of
the first titles that support the Andromeda shell.

It’s not yet available in all territories and it’s likely
that this is a soft-launch. We did some digging and discovered
that you can download this game if you switch the region to the
Netherlands. To change the region on your device, do the

  • Open Settings.
  • Navigate to Time & Language.

Change region in Windows 10

  • Open Region & language tab.
  • Under Country or region section, select the Netherlands
    from the drop-down menu.

It seems to be more of an Asphalt-type game, as to accelerate
the car’s speed, you have to hold down the left mouse button
and the car would steer automatically through turns. The game
is quite easy to operate and it can be played by any age group.

We can’t see an official announcement from Microsoft anywhere,
so the existence and release of such a game come as something
of a surprise. You can download Miami Street from here.

The game seems to indicate that the rumoured Andromeda mobile
device is still in works, and
the device was also recently spotted in latest Windows 10
SDK. While the game supports Microsoft’s foldable Andromeda
and it’s an important confirmation from the Redmond giant, but
it still doesn’t confirm if and when the device will be

The reliable sources have revealed that the software giant
hasn’t acknowledged the project officially, but if
everything goes as per the plan, the mythical foldable device
should launch by the end of the year. The device is popularly
referred to as Surface Phone and it’s codenamed Andromeda, but
the real name of the mythical device is still unknown.

The patents have revealed that the Andromeda will land in the
form of a Courier-like multi-form factor with two display and
an innovative hinge.

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