Microsoft’s Surface products plagued with a new issue

Surface Pro 8

Some Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X owners are reporting that
they are experiencing ‘extreme’ accuracy problems with their
Surface Pen, and Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged the widely
reported issue yet.

We have come across multiple threads on Microsoft’s own help
and Reddit
where users have documented the annoying problem with their
expensive Surface products.

Surface Pro 7 and possibly other Surface models may have a bug
causing ‘extremely inaccurate’ detection of the pen when the
palm is resting on the screen.

According to user reports, as soon as skin makes contact with
Surface Pro 7’s display, Surface Pen starts experiencing
accuracy issue and the stylus could detect only 5-20 levels of
pressure, instead of 4096. Some people received a replacement
for a Surface Pro 7, but that replacement was also affected by
same accuracy problem.

“I’m also having this issue on a regularly basis. Sometimes the
pen seems to be jumping around by more than 5 mm, making it
extremely hard to write. Unfortunately when calling support
they didn’t know that issue. Because of other issues they
already sent me a second Surface Pro 7 which has the exactly
same issues,” a user explained in a Microsoft’s forum posted
created last year.

“Surface Pro 7 (i7, 16GB, 512GB SSD) here; exact same issue
with staircase pressure curve when hand is touching the screen
at the same time (no other issues with offset etc). Had this
from day 1, currently on win10 build 18363. Problem exhibits
itself both on battery and with power supply connected (tried
both the one that came with the device and power via USB-C from
a monitor). Really ruins the inking experience, hope this will
be diagnosed and fixed soon,” another user said.

It appears that the problem is linked to Surface firmware and
it could be resolved with a software update.

As we have mentioned above, Microsoft has yet to acknowledge
the reports of Surface Pro 7’s botched pressure detection

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