Microsoft’s Surface lineup could get a multi-functional stylus

Surface Pen featured
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

According to a newly published application, Microsoft has
patented a ‘multi-functional stylus’ for the Surface lineup.
This patented Surface Pen could be used to draw or scribble
onto the surface of a notebook’s palm rest area or it could be
used as an in-air mouse and controller.

The patent titled ‘Multi-functional stylus’ was filed by
Microsoft’s senior hardware designer and it was published by USPTO on
July 23, 2020. Microsoft says optical sensor for the Surface
Pen may provide improved mouse functionality and it could be
configured to track the movement of the stylus when it is
positioned horizontally on a non-touch surface.

This patented stylus also includes additional buttons for right
mouse click and left mouse click. In addition, there’s a
sensing strip that can be used to control scrolling to provide
full scrolling experience.

Surface Pen patent
Image Courtesy: USPTO

The optional sensor of the stylus will include a LED to detect
two-dimensional movement on surface (palm rest area).

“Optical sensor may be selectively activated by a controller of
the stylus, e.g. ASIC and a wakeup command by the controller
may initiate activation of the optical sensor,” Microsoft

Microsoft believes the optical sensor could also be maintained
a sleep mode while the stylus is paired with a touch-screen of
a device and one of the buttons may initiate activation of the
optical sensor

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