Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go 2 leaks in new documents, suggesting imminent launch

Surface Laptop Go 2

In June 2022, we might see the Surface Laptop Go 2, the sequel
Microsoft’s first affordable Surface Laptop Go lineup. The
next-generation Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 launch is
imminent, if a recently-published document from a Korean
retailer, is anything to go by.

The retailer’s listing was published last week and it
doesn’t reveal the new features of the next-gen hardware, but
it has confirmed that Microsoft wants to use Intel’s
11th-generation processor in the Surface Laptop Go 2. The
11th-gen processor would be i5-1135G7 which promises better
performance as compared to the 10th-gen CPU in Laptop Go.

Notably, this is a refresh of the original Surface Laptop Go 2
and we’re not expecting significant changes to its design.
However, the retailer has confirmed that the webcam will
deliver better HD performance than its predecessor.

As per the listing, it would be yet another incredibly thin and
light laptop from Microsoft, measuring 0.62 inches thick and
2.45 lb, respectively. It is also going to be affordable, so
the pricing will be similar to the original 2020 model.

Surface Laptop Go 2 preorder

Although the bottom of the laptop is plastic, Microsoft’s
Surface Laptop Go 2 uses a premium aluminium finish around the
keyboard deck and display.

The display of the device remains unchanged, according to the
Korean listing. It still comes with a 12.4-inch display and you
can expect the same kind of build quality, which means
Microsoft won’t be using plastic laptop chassis here. You can
use the laptop without worrying about it breaking.

It also comes with USB-C, USB-A, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.
There’s a fingerprint sensor that can be accessed via the power

The release date of the device is not available, but the
retailer claims pre-orders will begin on June 2nd.

Surface Laptop Go 2 expectations

As mentioned, the Surface Laptop Go 2 will remain in the same
price bracket and it should start from $549 for the most basic
variant. Of course, the price would increase if you choose the
upper-end model. The entry-level model will be shipping with
the same RAM and storage configuration i.e 4GB RAM and 64GB of

The higher-end models will have fingerprint sensors and up to
8GB of RAM with 128GB or 256GB storage (SSDs).

Microsoft also seems to be considering new sleeves for the new
Surface, which could be bundled for free if you buy it from the

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