Microsoft’s Surface Duo to come with new ‘peek’ feature

In October 2019, Microsoft unveiled its next generation of
Surface products coming in 2020, including the dual-screen
Surface Neo. Microsoft’s 2019 event in NYC had one more
surprise: Surface Duo, a dual-screen Surface phone that runs
Android and it seems to be the most durable folding hardware.

Surface Duo comes with two 5.6-inch displays joined together by
a very visible center hinge and it uses Corning Gorilla glass
coating. The Surface Duo might avoid the ways the other
foldable phones are still breaking and it could come with a new
interesting feature.

According to the leaked videos, Microsoft is working on a new
feature called ‘peek’ for Surface Duo. As you can see in the
GIF embed below, Surface Duo has a new Android feature that
will automatically display notifications on the right-hand side
display when you open the device.

Surface Duo peek

The right-hand display will give you a sneak peek into Android
notifications and you’ll be able to preview them without fully
opening the phone. In addition to notifications, users will be
able to preview a call or close the phone to silence the call.

Surface Duo may not have an outer display, but it looks like
Microsoft has found an alternative and smarter solution to
improve the experience. Unlike the outer displays, the peek
view feature could be improved with software updates

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