Microsoft’s Surface Duo owners are reporting call drop issue

Surface Duo call drop

Reports are popping up all over the Microsoft community forum
from people having weak signals and call drops problem with
their expensive Surface Duo phone. The problem has been widely
reported by users on the forum and Microsoft is said to be
aware of the reports.

Based on the forum reports,
these issues range from call drops to weak signals, or lengthy
delays. This applies to both outgoing and incoming
calls. There’s a good chance that calls have been broken
since the first or default firmware update.

Surface Duo is struggling to determine the correct network
setup for some carriers in some locations and there appears to
be a weird issue with the default network configuration that is
hindering calls.

A lot of users have isolated the call drop problem to Verizon
only, but we’ve seen reports of the same bug on devices using
other carriers. The bug is also hitting the unlocked phones
purchased from the Microsoft Store.

Call drop problem appears to depend on location, default
network and band frequency settings. In some cases,
reconfiguring the default network settings might improve the
signal strength. However, several users noted that they’re
unable to address the call drop problem even by playing with

“My only issue was the dropped call. I’m on Verizon, and I
tried everything. Factory restart, new SIM card, turning the
screen off during a call, using speaker, using earbuds,” one
user said.

If you’ve purchased the Surface Duo and you’ve connectivity or
call drop problem, we recommend trying the following

  • Change your default network settings.
  • If you’re on T-Mobile, try using LTE/UMTS auto (PRL).
  • Try a signal booster app.

We believe that an update to the Surface Duo firmware will be
required to fix the network settings and call drop problem.

So far, Microsoft has yet to acknowledge the issue on a public
platform, but users have claimed that Microsoft is aware of the

It’s also worth noting that Microsoft is preparing a
software update with important fixes for the Surface Duo
and the update will be released later this month.

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