Microsoft’s Surface Duo could still come with a great camera

Surface Duo Android device

Surface Duo, which was unveiled only in October 2019, is
Microsoft’s long-awaited Surface phone powered by Android.
Surface Duo is said to launch in December 2020 and it comes
with two screens that can be used as one larger display, or
both can run independently of each other.

Surface Duo will also come with a 360-degree hinge to offer
tablet and phone experience. Depending on the position of the
two screens, Microsoft Launcher will also change the UI.

The prototypes showed off at the October launch event confirmed
that Surface Duo had holes in place of an actual camera lens.
And the Redmond tech giant’s Panos Panay recently also
confirmed that Surface Duo will have world-class.

Previously, we reported about Surface Duo’s multi-spectral
camera and today we have displayed a LinkedIn job post that
suggests a world-class camera with multi-sensors is indeed in
the works.

As per the LinkedIn listing, Microsoft is hunting for a camera
hardware architect to build RGB, IR, 3D and multi-sensor camera
systems and develop camera modules for Surface products.

Microsoft is expecting the hardware architect to lead the
development of high-performance camera and innovative camera
solutions to meet the following requirements:

  • ID
  • ME Constraints and EMI.
  • Thermal and reliability.

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