Microsoft’s Surface Duo Android phone spotted in the wild

Surface Duo Android device

Microsoft’s highly-anticipated Surface Duo has been reportedly
spotted in Vancouver, Canada, and there’s a picture to prove
it, which also reveals new details of the front camera.

A Microsoft employee has been spotted using an early version of
Microsoft’s innovative dual-screen Surface Duo device. The
photo, which was taken by a traveller in Vancouver’s public
transit system, reveals that Microsoft’s Android phone has a
front camera with a flashlight.

In the photo, the Surface Duo is much different from the
prototypes Microsoft teased at its hardware event in October
2019. A report also suggested that Surface Duo might launch
sooner than expected as the Redmond firm is encouraging
employees to use the product in the wild.

Microsoft’s dual-screen smartphone isn’t releasing before the
winter season, but we do know quite a bit about it already.
Unlike Galaxy Fold and other foldable phones, Surface Duo
displays are connected together with a hinge and it makes the
phone a lot more durable.

Surface Duo wild click

The hinge in between will let you fold the Duo and use it as a
5.6-inch screen phone to run different apps, or you can unfold
it to extend one app on both displays. When unfolded, the
device’s screen stretches to 8.6-inch and it looks a lot like a

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella is also using Surface Duo to type
out quick notes with the virtual keyboard and stylus.

The phone also comes with Google Play Store and Google
services, but Microsoft plans to bundle its own apps
including Microsoft Launcher that offers a slightly more
customised experience.

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